The Silver Treat is the greater counterpart to the Golden Treat providing an immediate tame to any animal that consumes it (and can be tamed), but having the largest cooldown of any item used in Annunaki.

Previously, the Silver Treat would only provide a 50% chance at taming any animal, but it has since been changed to 100%.

Silver Treats can only be found from the Silver Zomdodo which is either dropped into an inventory bag, or placed in the inventory of the animal used to kill the dodo. Harvesting the bodies will not provide more treats, but will instead be rewarded with Hide and Spoiled Meat.

The Silver Treat has multiple expiration times, depending on where it is stored. These times also indicate immediate storage, further times will change as they expire in weaker conditions. (For example: 10 seconds in the Player Inventory reduces the Refrigerator time by roughly 15 minutes)

  • Player Inventory: 15 Minutes
  • Dino Inventory: 1 Hour
  • Preserving Bin: 2 hours, 30 minutes.
  • Refrigerator: 1 week, 1 hour.

The Silver Zomdodo is a unique version of the Elite Dodo, sporting a witches hat and a dark silver colour. When the player approaches the Silver Zomdodo, it begins to play the ARK: Fear Evolved Theme Music

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A close-up photo of a Silver Zomdodo

Silver Zomdodo

Another close-up of the Silver Zomdodo