Basic Info

Pygmys are brightly colored versions of the Mesopithicus (Monkey) that can be found within the ARK at any given time. Although small, Pygmys are actually quite dangerous to fight because of their buffs regarding nearby animals. Pygmys themselves will flee from combat when a player (or tamed dino) enter their range. Attacking (or being near) them will result in all nearby surrounding animals to become hostile towards the player, this includes Celestials, Ubers (Boss), Wardens and even creatures from other mods (unless certain mod conflictions disregard this)

There are several types of pygmys and once killed, drop special loot based on their colors. Below is a current list of all pygmys and what they drop.

Red Pygmys will drop various weapons and attachments (with random quality)

Green Pygmys will drop various resources such as oil, polymer, metal, pearls etc.

Yellow Pygmys will drop various ammunition for many common weapons.

Blue Pygmys will drop various pieces of armor in random quality

Black Pygmys will drop various amounts of Kibble.

White Pygmys will drop random structural pieces (They tend do favor Metal Structures more!)

Purple Pygmys will drop various saddles of random quality.

Pygmys cannot be tamed and may cause server instability, crashes and/or corruption to save files if attempted to tame via forcetame command. PERFORM THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.