Golden Treats are consumable items used for taming and are dropped by the Golden Dodo.

Golden Treat Icon

Icon of the Golden Treat

The Golden Treat will fully tame any of the following: (Either through passive or aggressive taming)

  • All tameable vanilla ARK creatures.
  • Elite Creatures.
  • All Badass variant creatures. (except Drakes)
  • Champion Creatures.

The Golden Treat requires a food value of 300 before being consumed - Force feeding the Dino the Golden Treat will not provide anything to taming.

Golden Treats cannot tame anything other than those listed, this means that Alphas, Broodmothers, Megapithecus', Wyverns, Drakes, and the DodoRex cannot be tamed using the Golden Treat.

The Golden Treat is dropped both in the inventory of the Golden Dodo, and also can be harvested from the body of the Golden Dodo in the same way that Meat or Hide is.

Golden Treats are required to craft items such as Drake Tributes and Boss Tributes and is the counterpart of the Silver Treat.

The Golden Treat has multiple expiration times, depending on where it is stored. These times also indicate immediate storage, further times will change as they expire in weaker conditions. (For example: 10 seconds in the Player Inventory reduces the Refrigerator time by roughly 15 minutes)

  • Player Inventory: 28 Minutes.
  • Dino Inventory: 1 hour, 50 minutes.
  • Preserving Bin: 4 hours, 40 minutes.
  • Refrigerator: 1 day, 23 hours.


  • Dire-wolves and Sabretooths are very effective creatures when it comes to harvesting the bodies of Golden Dodos, providing the most treats possible in a non stat modified server.