Basic Info

Golden Dodo
Golden Dodos are the main supplier of golden treats. Most of the time they are found wandering beaches, as they spawn in dodo spawn points, but have an incredibly low spawn rate. The golden dodo is comparable to an elite dodo in size, has a solid gold coat (including beak), as well as being ride-able without a saddle like elite creatures are.

If you kill the Golden Dodo and harvest it, it will give you golden treats. Metal tools yield larger amounts of treats then primitive tools. The Golden Dodo can also be harvested by creatures, though this is less effective. Golden Treats can be found in a Golden Dodo's inventory after it is killed but before it's body is harvested.

Due to the Golden Dodos very low spawn rate, it is advised to either be prepared to fight one as soon as possible, or perhaps ask the Server Owner to increase their spawn rates.


Golden Dodos are neutral creatures, meaning they will attack back when provoked.

The Golden Dodo is hard to kill early game due to a large amount of health and fair damage. The easiest way to kill one is with a high damage creature, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Giganotosaurus, or any of the Annunaki Creatures. If you attack one and find yourself outmatched, running away is the best option until it breaks aggro. If the player has a fair amount of swimming speed, it may be more useful to attempt to swim away.


It is possible to tame Golden Dodos by feeding them Rare Mushrooms from the "0" slot of your inventory, however it is usually questionable as to why tame such a rare creature. Golden Dodos have a lot of potential - especially for the early game player - and are quite agile as to getting around the terrain. Golden Dodos also cannot be knocked out, meaning they are useful for attacking creatures that inflict torpor. However, by taming a golden dodo, the player forfeits the ability to kill them and harvest for Golden Treats, especially as Golden Dodos cannot breed,

Spawn Code

The Spawn Code for Golden Dodos are as follows:

admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Genesis/Dinosaurs/Dodo/Elite/Unique/GoldDodo_Character_BP_GNS.GoldDodo_Character_BP_GNS'" 1 1 1 600

Please note that the "600" at the end is the Dodo Level. Stats for the animal will increase/decrease based on Level.