"God" (also known as "Oblivion") is an untameable, invulnerable DodoRex of unknown features that can only be spawned into the ARK by server owners or admins using the SpawnDino cheat.

Oblivion was originally a testing module and used as a means of server eradication and destruction once owners decided to start anew or change maps. Due to the strength and damage caused by this monster, it is suggested that players do not spawn the creature unless they are 100% fully committed to the removal of the server and its' structures, animals, inhabitants and features.

Please note that Oblivion can no longer be spawned into the ARK, this may have been disabled due to grief or its' usefulness has a testing module had been completed.


  • Level: 666
  • Health: Infinite[*]
  • Stamina: Infinite[*]
  • Melee Damage: Infinite[*]
  • Location: N/A - Can only be summoned on the spot of the summoner.
  • Taming Method: N/A - Cannot be Tamed.


  • When near Oblivion, all creatures and players lose roughly 60-90% Movement Speed and gain massively increased amounts of Torpidity over time.
  • When near Oblivion, all creatures and players are affected by the "DEATH" debuff, automatically dealing damage even when out of Melee Contact range every 30 seconds.


  • Toranaga, one of the Annunaki Developers, has confirmed that Oblivion can no longer be spawned into ARK and that they will not see returning Oblivion as a viable option, due to its' primary function as a testing module.