Elite Titanoboa

The Elite Titanoboa is an Elite version of the normal Titanoboa which can be found mostly in the swamp region and surrounding areas. It can be distinguished by from the normal version by its larger size and lack of a frill, giving it an appearance more similar to the real-life animal. Of all the elite creatures, this one is often considered the most dangerous to tame or fight. The Elite Titanoboa can easily outpace a survivor on foot as well as keep up with some reasonably fast mounts, being large and powerful enough to knock trees aside as well as go right over boulders. One bite is often all it takes to knock out a survivor because the species' torpor scale per attack is extremely high, over 600% or more on a bite that is already quite powerful. It's not unheard of for a mid-leveled wild Elite Titanoboa to bite a target once or twice and inflict over 6,000 torpor on it in a matter of seconds. In addition, it has the highest health of the elite creatures, comparable to an sarcosuchus of similar level. 


These traits along with the fact they are often hard to see coming in the foliage packed and water logged swamp make them the most dangerous non-alpha and non-boss creatures in the swamps. Taming is done by normal knock-out means, but this is often very hard to do. A lance or all but the absolute strongest poison badass creatures are impractical as it is very possible for the snake to knock out its attacker first and them kill them when they are immobilized. Arrows and darts from high level crossbows or rifles are the safest bet, but it is almost imperative they be fired from a very steep cliff or while being carried in the air by a flyer. On the ground a snake can easily outpace a reloading human even if they have a boosted movement speed (as well as the other creatures of the swamp might interfere) and can scale many types of boulders or cliffs to reach its attacker. Taming can then be done with meat/prime meat and narcotics. The Elite Titanoboa does not require a saddle to ride.


As a mount the Elite Titanoboa has many uses. Its ground travel speed tamed is even higher than when it was wild, and with its ability to climb over most boulders and uneven terrain path-finding as well as knocking over trees, it makes for a surprisingly effective ground mount. While it lacks a saddle, and thus has no armor, it does have an extremely potent torpor inflicting potential and can be used for knockouts as well as besting many technically superior foes by envenoming them into unconsciousness and killing them then. It also lacks an oxygen stats and has a reasonably good swimming speed. However, though it might be a glitch, when swimming as high as possible at the surface it is impossible for the rider to get a breath; so dismounting is needed ever so often to avoid suffocating.