Elite dodo

Elite Animals are larger variations of some of the Ark's smaller species. They can all be ridden, and none require a saddle, making them decent early game mounts. The elite dilophosaurus can rival a raptor in speed, and is one of the easiest elite tames.

The following Animals listed below can be Elite (Each link will take you to the Official ARK Wiki for that animal. Please note that these creatures are modified by the Annunaki Mod, so the information between the original wiki and this may be different.)

Elite Animals are tamed the same was as you would tame the normal counterpart (For example, Dodos can still be passively tamed, but Dimorphodons still require aggressive taming). Because of this, they make exceptional early game tames, especially for the survivor that wants to start with smaller, faster animals for mobility.

Golden and Silver Treats will work on all Elite Animals.