Ancient Predators are very strong variations of some of the creatures commonly found in the ARK. They appear to be made of bone (or decaying organic matter in the case of the Zomdodo) and these variations appear to hail from the "Ark: Fear Evolved" event, with the bone skins being the skins used for the variation.

Ancient Predators are noticeable from a distance and when close play the ARK: Fear Evolved Theme. Some users have noted issues with the music going beyond their setting in the option menu and can be fixed when re-applying the same options through the menu.

Ancient Predators introduced in Annunaki Genesis include:

  • Zomdodo- Despite their minute appearance, the Zomdodo can be a very capable opponent against new to mid-game survivors, applying a heavy damage over time bleed effect to all animals in the area.
  • The Silver Zomdodo
    • The Silver Zomdodo works similar in function to the Golden Dodo, except dropping the Silver Treat. From a distance, both the Silver and Regular Zomdodo look the same, but a Silver Zomdodo boasts a witches hat on its head, whereas the normal Zomdodo does not wear anything.

All Ancient Predators are quite difficult to defeat, especially as each predator applies a Damage over Time (DoT) bleeding effect that prevents survivors using Health Potions on their animals. Some suggested ways of defeating Ancients are by using Wyverns and Celestials, or high level Bosses such as Broodmothers and Megapithicus.