Alpha Creatures are stronger, upgraded versions of their original counterparts and are noticeable by their pure red and black coats. Alpha Predators are the next step up for most survivors from Badass as they are stronger, hit harder and level up stats more (by default, changeable in Server Settings).

Alpha Creatures can be tamed, unlike their brothers Prime Alphas. However, there is more benefit to killing Alpha creatures as they drop rare items such as Black Pearls and sometimes mid-high quality gear. If taming is your game, Alpha Creatures require a separate, unique saddle to be rode on, but if you're looking for gear, it is beneficial to take strong creatures to kill them. (Note: If the Alpha is knocked out and then killed, they will not drop any items. If possible, do not use Poison Badasses on Alpha kills, as this will ruin any chance of gaining items.)

There are currently 22 Alpha Creatures in the game. Below is a list and link to their original counterpart:

Due to their aggression level being either Neutral or Aggressive, it is impossible to perform a Passive Tame on any alpha. To tame one, they must be aggressively tamed, but beware as their torpor drains faster than a Badass Tier creature.

Each Alpha Animal prefers special types of kibble to tame, but after taming, Alpha creatures enjoy Raw Prime Meat the most. This also includes certain animals that don't normally eat meat.